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Rhythm of menstruation among adolescent girls in Kumbakonam Taluk, Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu

Author(s): K. Chitra, J. Senthil, T. Pugalenthi and K. Prathap

Adolescents’ problems constitute a bulk of morbidities, which are generally unrecognized and uncared furthering the disease burden. A large variety of morbidities such as nutritional deficiency, disorders (stunting, wasting), menstrual disorders, etc. prevail among adolescents. There are teenage pregnancies with complications; unsafe abortions, etc. also exist considerably. This study was conducted in kumbakonam taluk with the objectives, To examine the backgrounds characteristics of adolescent women in the study area, To analyze the relationship between SED (socio-economic-demographic) characteristics and rhythm of menstruation and to analyze the determinants of rhythm of menstruation among adolescent women. In order to find out principle factor that determine the rhythm of menstruation as not d earlier the logistic regression analysis was carried out. It is evident that majority of the variables under consideration have shown significant net effect on rhythm of menstruation except occupation , standard of living index, food habits, height ,weight and duration of menstruation.