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Annals of Biological Research


Study of agricultural traits relative to yield and salt stress in primary lines of tritipyrum (AABBEbEb) comparison with bread wheat by GGE biplot method

Author(s): Seyed Ebrahim Seifati1, Hossein Soltani Nejad*1, Ramin Abbaspour1, Hossein Shahsavand-Hassani2 and Hamid Nouri3

New cereal Tritipyrum is a synthetic hexaploid wheat (AABBEbEb; 2n=6x=42) that is a cross between Thinopyrum bessarabicum (EbEb; 2n=2x=14), with high potential resistance to salinity and durum wheat (AABB; 2n=4x=28). In this study, the yield and some agricultural traits of 14 primary Tritipyrum lines with 15 bread wheat cultivars were studied in Complete Randomized Block design with 3 replication in 2007 and 2008 (2 years). In the first year Stem Length (Cm), Spike Length (Cm), Plant Height (Cm), Awn Length (Cm), Spike Width (Cm), Tillers Number, Spikes Number, Number of Spikelet per spike, Number of Kernel per Spike, 1000-Kernel Weight (gr) and the Yield (Kg.H-1) were measured or were counted and the data analyzed using analysis of variance and GGE biplot method. In the first year, 5 superior lines of Tritipyrum with best traits among Tritipyrum selected for evaluation morphological traits in second year. In the second year the selected lines with (Ka/Cr)f6 line were analyzed by analysis of variance and GGE biplot method for Days to Germination, Days to Tilling, Tiller Number, Days to Shoot Emergence , Stem Length (Cm), Number of Leaves per main stem, Days to Heading Time, Internodes Distance (Cm ), Flag Leaf Width (Cm), Flag Leaf Length (Cm), Spike Number, Spike Length (Cm), Spike Diameter (Cm), Awn Length (Cm) and Yield (Kg.H-1). Results showed that there were no significant differences between Tritipyrum lines except for (Ka/b×Cr/b)F3 which had a lower yield, maximum Awn Length, Days to Heading time and minimum Spike Diameter, Internodes Distance, Stem Length. And so The Spike Length, Spike Diameter, Number of Spikelet per spike and Internodes Distance had a high correlation with Yield trait and proposed as suitable traits for selection of hybrid.