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Annals of Biological Research


Study on farming systems and selecting suitable production pattern for tea growing areas of Iran

Author(s): Mohammad Karim Motamed*, Hojatollah Alavy, Vahidreza Shadmand and Farisa Irannejad

Agriculture has various roles on the development of Iran in different aspects. The most obvious roles are: food preparation, rural's migration prevention to urban areas, preservation of economical and political independence and material preparation for many industries. Tea is one of the crops among agricultural productions which it is still confronted with a series of poor natural and managerial barriers and lack of modern technology as well because of its key role including the most popular drink among Iranians, job creation, currency loss prevention and so on. In tea cultivation areas, small and distribution of lands, less technical knowledge, high cost of production, low yield and income tea farmers reflects effect of productivity system in the country. In this research, to achieve proper productivity pattern, hypothesis structured and practical investigation of productivity system in tea region were conducted. This research was conducted with the goal of this study was to study on farming systems and selecting suitable production pattern for tea growing areas of Iran in 2006 years. The numbers of whom in Guilan province are 610 persons and they act in 10 towns of Guilan province. variables measured in this research included: sex, age, literacy, planting level, topography and participation of three identified systems in tea plantations (rural, common cooperative and commercial). In this project two methods of library and field research were used. According to our investigation systems, commercial system was the best productivity system in tea plantations in Iran.