The study of medicinal plants usage trough urban green space | Abstract
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The study of medicinal plants usage trough urban green space

Author(s): Sulmaz Janfaza, Elenaz Janfaza

There are defferent climates in Iran so the diversity of medicinal plants is also much. Using theses species in the green space increase the diversity of them and their ecotypes (in terms of color, form, size and consistency), increase the success factor of projects and flexibility of design. Medicinal plants essence in the green space is the sign of the high ability of climate and cultural features of the region. Planting herbs in green space causes that people know them and get some information about them. Dedicating Green space of educational environments such as schools, colleges, universities and research departments to the medicinal plants' cultivation improves researching on medicinal plants' features that shows the compatiability of these plants. One of the effective ways in controling soil erosion is overlaying the remnants of Medicinal Plants before their fallows. Thus, medicinal plants are also very capable on giving ecological services. Some herbs have good tolerance to salinity, drought and alkaline of soil, intense solar radiation conditions, marshy y land, and pruning and so on...