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Author(s): Yogesh Vishwanath Chavan

Three Postulates are defined here, based upon current experimental limit on size of Fundamental particle i.e. upto 10- 19 m and an Empirical formula is derived (h=Q*c*k) giving maximum mass of particle within experimental range of ≈ TeV. 3rd Postulate i.e. Equivalency between “Mass” and “Straight Imaginary Line” gives co-relation between massless and spin = 1 properties of Boson as proved in QED theory. Fundamental particles of Standard Model are arranged in 3 Folds way in 4th Imaginary Dimension; Bottom Fold, Top Fold and Middle Upper and Lower Folds with decreased in energy from TeV to approx. 0 eV respectively. With this representation of the Universe at atomic and sub-atomic level, it solves lot of current problems of SM of Particle physics like Matter-Antimatter asymmetry, origin of 3 Generations or families of Fermions, Nature of gravitating dark matter and repulsive dark energy particles, cosmological coincidence, origin of mass of hadrons like protons, wave-particle duality of particles etc. giving true insight about nature of fundamental particles.