What You May Not Know About Vertical Farming | Abstract
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What You May Not Know About Vertical Farming

Author(s): Joe Bennet*

A more recent method of growing crops that is gaining popularity worldwide is vertical farming. VF is the practise qhewnvkcvkpietqrukpfqqtuqpuggtcnnggnu.gkvgtqpvgucogqqtqtcetquuuggtcnuvqtgu0goclqtkvqh businesses are situated in metropolitan areas, thereby minimizing the separation between producer and customer. Some people assert that VF heralds the advent of a new era in agriculture practiced in controlled environments, one vcvcuvgrqvgpvkcnvqitgcvnkortqgtguqwtegwugggevkgpguu0qyggt.dgecwugoquvgtvkecnhctouqpnwug electric lighting to grow crops, VF typically has a very high energy input. Finding and converting growing space, building growing systems, maintaining equipment, choosing appropriate plant species, keeping an environment free of diseases and pests, recruiting and training workers, optimizing the control of environmental parameters.