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Carol William

Managing Editor, Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources, United Kingdom


  • Opinion   
    A promising substitute for plastics and other products made of plastic is the cellulosic part of agricultural biomass
    Author(s): Carol William*

    Plastics are materials with many different capabilities that are adaptable and affordable. Greater concerns, however, include their non-biodegradability, accumulation in landfills and natural ecosystems, physical issues for wildlife brought on by ingesting or becoming entangled in debris, chemical leaking, and transfer to people. Materials that replace plastic are justified in this regard. Agriculture, which feeds the world but leaves behind a sizable portion of its products as biomass or food that humans cannot consume, may provide some solace.A suitable source of cellulose that has good potential to replace plastics is found in agricultural biomass, such as maize stalks, wheat straws, rice straws, and soybean stalks. This article emphasises the advantages of agricultural biomass and its potential for cellulose-based biodegradable goods. Utilizing agricultural biomass also presents a.. Read More»

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