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  • Mini Review   
    Implementations of Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Base Derived Ampyrone
    Author(s): Rehab Kadhim Raheem Al-Shemary*, Hiyam Hadi Alkam and Wasan Mohammed Al Wan

    In this review we present general paths and implementations for the Schiff bases preparation. And we highlight the most important examples of Schiff bases derived from components belonging to this type, that show efficacies of bacterial, anti-malarial, virus and fungi that have been announced in the literature. The relationship between Schiff bases and other pharmacological activities, such as antiproliferative activities, are not included in this review. Schiff bases are versatile ligands that are prepared from the condensation of moieties of carbonyl with primary amines. These components are very substantial in fields of pharmaceutical and medicinal because of their wide spectrum of biological activities. Most of them show biological activities like antitumor also antifungal, antibacterial efficacy. Metal complexes derived from the Schiff base ligands with efficiency of biolog.. Read More»

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