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Sreemoy Kanti Das

Department of Pharmacy, Lincoln University College, DarulEhsan, Malaysia


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    Inclusion Complexation of Curcumin with Beta Cyclodextrin to Improve Solubility
    Author(s): Simachal Panda* and Sreemoy Kanti Das

    Curcumin is an antidiabetic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant drug having low solubility due to its crystalline nature. Drug is coming under class II BCS classification. Here it is an attempt to improve solubility by inclusion complexation method. For this research work cyclodextrin was used. Cyclodextrin is derived from starch. It of different types alpha, beta and gamma cyclodextrin. Depending upon number of sugar moiety cyclodextrins is classified. β Cyclodextrin used in research work for complexation with Curcumin . X ray Diffraction study was conducted for both pure drug and complex. The pure drug shows sharp peaks in graph which reflects nature of crystallinity. Inclusion complexation was done by Physical mixture and kneading method. Volume, temperature and solvent were optimized. After complexation micromeritics and in vitro dissolution tests were conducted, .. Read More»

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