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    Development and In vitro Evaluation of Capecitabine Loaded Polymeric NanoParticles for Tumor Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
    Author(s): Pittu Vishnu Priya*, Syed Kashif Mohiuddin and JVC. Sharma

    The present study revealed that ionic gelation technique followed by sonication can be used as an effective tool for preparation of Capecitabine nanoparticles. The main is to delay the release of Capecitabine so that the dosing frequency can be reduced by which we may decrease the side effects and improve the patient compliance. Investigation of the preparation, characterization and in vitro delivery of the Capecitabine nanoparticles was carried out. The different formulations of with different concentration of drug-polymer and surfactant were examined and finalized. Encapsulation efficiency of nanoparticles ranged between 68%-81%. The prepared particles showed good drug-loading capacity. The in vitro release studies showed that after the initial burst, all of the drug-loaded batches provided a continuous and slow release of the drug. . Formulation (F-2) showed the h.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/dpl.2022.14.04

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