Scholars Research Library

Scholars Research Library

European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research

  • Photonic Biosensors for Point-of-Care Applications
    Author(s): Aurel Ymeti

  • Oxide properties under different conditions of pressure and temperatures a molecular dynamics simulation
    Author(s): Y. Chergui

  • Magnetic beads handling by droplet microfluidics for biological applications
    Author(s): Davide Ferraro

  • Droplet-based microfluidics for exploring soil bacterial diversity
    Author(s): J. Michael Köhler

  • The Micropump???s role in the microfluidic revolution
    Author(s): John Watson

  • Microfluidics enables synthesis of chemicals unachievable through conventional synthetic approaches
    Author(s): Afshin Abrishamkar

  • Ultra-precise MEMS based Bio-sensors
    Author(s): Vinayak Pachkawade

  • Rapidly prototyped flexible microfluidic devices for biochemical applications
    Author(s): Sanket Goel

  • A hydrodynamic focusing microfluidic device for protein analysis using x-ray spectroscopy studies
    Author(s): Pushparani Micheal Raj

  • Microdevice immunoassay with conjugated magnetic nanoparticles for rapid anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) detection
    Author(s): Kenia Chávez Ramos

  • iSLICE: immunoSpot Layer Imaging of Cell Excretions
    Author(s): Richard B.M. Schasfoort

  • The effect of pressure on system temperature of ZNO a molecular dynamics prediction
    Author(s): Yahia Chergui

  • Bi/ond Organ-on-Chip: Nourishing, stimulating and monitoring cells
    Author(s): Nikolas Gaio

  • The gut brain axis on chip
    Author(s): Mariana García-Corral Islas

  • Paper-based biosensors: When paper becomes a huge resource in electrochemistry
    Author(s): Fabiana Arduini

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