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Archives of Physics Research

2010: Volume 1, Issue 4

YY and gg decays of Xco and Xc2
Author(s): Bhaghyesh, K. B. Vijaya Kumar* and Antony Prakash Monteiro

Electromagnetic properties of polypyrrole thin film on copper substrate
Author(s): Shivaji Jamadade, Sandip Jadhav, Vijaya Puri*

Vibrational Spectra and Analysis of Trans decahydronaphthalene
Author(s): P.Mani* and S.Suresh

Oxidation temperature and vapor chopping effects on superficial properties of Bi2O3 thin film prepared on glass and alumina substrates
Author(s): Sikandar H Tamboli, SV Kamat, SP Patil, RB Patil, JB Yadav, Vijaya Puri, RK Puri*, OS Joo

Acoustical and transport behavior of some amino acids in aqueous DMSO solutions at 303.15K
Author(s): R. Palani* S. Balakrishnan , G.Srinivasan and S. Kavitha

Role of spatial string tension under the QCD phenomenology
Author(s): Navjot Hothi and Shuchi Bisht

Acoustical and thermodynamical properties of PEG in non-electrolytes at 303, 313 and 323 K
Author(s): R. Palani* S. Balakrishnan and A.Mohammed Sabeelullah Roomy

Post deposition heating effects on the properties of polythiophene thin films
Author(s): S.V. Kamat, S. H. Tamboli, Vijaya Puri, R. K. Puri*, J.B.Yadav, Oh Shom Joo

Pitch Angle Loss-Cone Anisotropic Magneto plasma in Presence of Parallel Electric A.C. Field
Author(s): R S Pandey, U C Srivastava, A K Srivastava, S Kumar and D K Singh

Structural and electrical properties of heavy rare-earth zirconate
Author(s): Priyanka Rani, A.N.Thakur, Pooja Raghuvanshi and A.Kumar

Ultrasonic Absorption and Relaxation Studies in Aqueous Arginine and Methionine using PEO Technique
Author(s): O.P.Chimankar, Ranjeeta S.Shriwas, Sangeeta Jajodia* and V.A.Tabhane

Nucleation and Growth of Lanthanum Tartrate Crystals in Silica Gel
Author(s): H. M. Patil*, D.K. Sawant, D.S. Bhavsar, J.H. Patil, K.D. Girase

Age Determination of Pookerdvall pottery samples based on Thermo-luminescence behavior and their glow curves
Author(s): F.Ashrafi *, Z.Moghaddaszadeh , F.Bahrololoumi, G. Abbasi