Ethnobotany of medi-flora of Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu | Abstract
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Ethnobotany of medi-flora of Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

Author(s): Kadirvelmurugan V., Raju K., Arumugam T., Karthik V. and Ravikumar S.

The tribes and non-tribes are residing in kolli hills and ever depend on medicinal plants for their healthcare and
treating of various diseases. The present study is to identify such distinct medicinal plants utilized by tribes and non
tribes in the kolli hills. The ethno-botany, their mode of preparation and application of the medicinal plants have
been gathered from the traditional healers, patients and elderly persons in and around the study area, after season
wise field visits conducted between January 2009 and November 2009. The present study revealed that, the tribes
are regularly using about 58 pants and 32 families and it is belong to diverse families to treat the various diseases.
The above the present study, ethno-botany and medicinal knowledge gained from the tribals would be very useful
information for the botanists, biochemists, pharmacologists, traditional system of medicine and healthcare sector.