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Scholars Research Library

European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research

  • Cellular Structures Design and Optimization for Additive Manufacturing: A Review
    Author(s): Aamer Nazir

  • Selective laser sintering of three-dimensional geometries and structures of quartz glass - possibilities and limits
    Author(s): Andrea Barz

  • Additive manufacturing applied in parallel architecture machine
    Author(s): David Sebastian Matamoros Buitargo

  • Development of a process chain for the manufacturing of complex ceramic components by means of Fused Deposition Modelling
    Author(s): Jens Bliedtner

    Author(s): Mohamed Aburaia

  • Statistical quality assessment of 3D Printed products
    Author(s): Essam Soliman

  • Additive Manufacturing, Processes and ASTM/ISO Standards
    Author(s): Fabio Sant�??Ana

  • Biomimetic 3D bioprinting of cellular laden nanocomposite scaffold through co-axial and core-co-cultured structure
    Author(s): Fahimeh Shahabipour

  • Process control, optimization and parameter characterization of mild steel single and multi-layer deposits using Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing
    Author(s): Harley Stinson

  • The applications of 3D CAD/CAM technology in the field of museum conservation and restoration
    Author(s): Larisa Zolotova

  • Free Software and Hardware Design: Tools for laboratory automation and science communication
    Author(s): Laureana Stelmastchuk Benassi Fontolan

  • 3D printed zirconia material
    Author(s): Martin M Jin

  • Utilizing DLP Technology for End-Use Parts Production
    Author(s): Mohit Kumar

  • Design for AM the key to the industrialization of additive manufacturing
    Author(s): Olad Diegel

  • 5D printing of nano-laden fibre aerogel
    Author(s): Ruben Foresti

  • An investigation into the effect of a recycling regime upon ELI Ti6Al4V (Grade 23) powder used within the selective laser melting (SLM) process
    Author(s): Ryan Harkin

  • Poly-p-dioxanone as a new scaffold material for 3D printing in tissue engineering
    Author(s): Sebastian Loewner

  • Low reaction-to-fire polymer filament : formulation, 3D printability modeling and fire testing of materials
    Author(s): Thomas NAZE

  • Enhanced performance of 3D-printed biomaterials with composite approach
    Author(s): Lappalainen Reijo

  • Utilization of 3D Printer into Development ofAffordable andFunctional Artificial Limb
    Author(s): Mohammad Nasfikur Rahman Khan

  • 3D printing technique to fabricate dental restorations
    Author(s): Tarvonen PL

  • Dental 3D printing emerging in clinical use in the Middle East and Africa countries
    Author(s): Samah Zahlaf

  • Development of Management Information System for Process-Based Activity Based Costing System by Improving Lean Management Techniques and Processes in Newborn Unit of Hospitals and Application in Kahramanmaras Health Application and Research Hospital
    Author(s): Hikmet MARASLI

  • PLA and PETG applied to extrusion-based 3D printed snap-fit connections for product assembly
    Author(s): Santana, L

  • The Effect of Pressure on Temperature System of ZnO a Molecular Dynamics Prediction
    Author(s): Yahia Chergui

  • Evaluation of Small Hydropower plant at Ribb Irrigation Dam in Amhara regional state, Ethiopia
    Author(s): Addisu Worku Bezabih

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