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Archives of Physics Research

2010: Volume 1, Issue 2

Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal and nonlinear optical properties of pure and doped L-Threonine acetate single crystals
Author(s): T. Sujatha, P. Praveen Kumar, J. Merline Shyla and J. Madhavan

Study of Hafnium Diboride Clusters Using Density Functional Theory
Author(s): Neeraj Misra*, Apoorva Dwivedi, Onkar Prasad, Anoop Kumar Pandey

Preparation, Characterization and Magnetic Properties of some Rare-earth Zirconate
Author(s): A. N. Thakur, Priyanka Rani and Pooja Raghuvanshi

Nano scale contact junctions between SWCNT Channel and gate dielectric of CNTFET
Author(s): A. Bahari, M. Amiri, Sh. Daliri Rad and S. Karami

Thermal Oxynitridation and nitridation on silicon substrate
Author(s): A. Bahari, S. Tobarari and H. Rafiee

Investigations on the optical, electric, dielectric and mechanical properties of nonlinear optical LAM crystal
Author(s): M. Vimalan*, A. Cyrac Peter, T. Rajesh Kumar, C. Jayasekaran, J. Packiam Juliuz and P. Sagayaraj

X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Copper Nanopowder
Author(s): T. Theivasanthi and M. Alagar

Application of Fractal Geometry to Lakes
Author(s): Shaikh Yusuf H, Phathan JM, Maqdoom Farooqui ,Khan AR, Behere SH*