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Archives of Applied Science Research

2012: Volume 4, Issue 1

Grain iron and zinc association studies in rice (Oryza sativa L.) F1 progenies
Author(s): Nagesh, V. Ravindrababu, G. Usharani, T. Dayakar Reddy

Crystallization and characterization of mixed crystals of strontium calcium barium tartrate
Author(s): M. Mary Freeda, R. Krishna Priya, T. H. Freeda, S. Mary Delphine

Effect of Industrial Effluent on the Surrrounding Environment
Author(s): Olaniyi, Ibrahim,Raphael Odoh, Nwadiogbu, J. Onyebuchi

The study of Adult wrestlers' level of satisfaction in wrestling clubs of Golestan province: A comparison between freestyle and Greco- Roman wrestlers
Author(s): Bahman Tayebi, Mahmood Goodarzi, Mehrzad Hamidi, Zynolabedin Fallah, Sara Boozhmehrani

Physico-chemical studies on bore wells water of Godhra Taluka territory (Gujarat)
Author(s): M.L.Chauhan, N.N. Vyas, R.N. Pandya, V.R. Patel, Nikhat Vohrab

Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for determination of Temazepam and its Related Substance
Author(s): Vudagandla Sreenivasulu, Dokku Raghava Rao, B. N. Uma Maheswari, Abburi Krishnaiah

Assessment of physico-chemical status of ground water samples of Paranda area of Marathwada Region, India.
Author(s): Jabbar G Mulla, Vidya Pradhan, Millind Ubale, Sayyed Hussain, Mazahar Farooqui

Cone Calorimeter with Simulated Compartment for Air Starved Fire Toxicity and Heat Release Rate Studies
Author(s): Ismaila, A, Andrews, G. E, Abdullahi, I, Idris M.C

The investigation of eighth grade students’ attitudes toward forest
Author(s): Hasan Genç, Hilmi Demirkaya, Huriye Deniş

Quality parameters of Ground waters in around Kathalal Taluka
Author(s): Shah Dharmeshbhai Govindlal

Absorption characterization of a dye and two amines
Author(s): S. Bakkialakshmi, P. Selvarani, S.Chenthamarai

Assessment of knowledge of strategies used in the prevention and management of postpartum haemorrhage by midwives in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Author(s): Onasoga, Olayinka A., Awhanaa, Akpomeyoma Tare, Amiegheme Felicia Ehobhayi

Channel capacity, efficiency and updatecycle in scada systems,with token passing bus protocol
Author(s): Hossein Afkhami, Abolfazl Massoudi Rad, Mohammad Ali Afkhami

Physico-Chemical analysis of drinking water of Gandhinagar District
Author(s): S.A.Makwana, C. G.Patel, T. J. Patel

Venting as a means of mitigating explosions: The need to revised European and USA (NFPA68) guidance for explosion venting
Author(s): Ismaila, A., Andrews, G.E., Abdullahi, I., Nasiru, R., Abdullahi, Y.A

Study of Optical Properties of Co-evaporated PbSe Thin Films
Author(s): S. R. Jadhav, U. P. Khairnar

Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract
Author(s): S. Dinesh, S. Karthikeyan, P. Arumugam

Preparation and Characterization of ZnO and Mg-ZnO nanoparticle
Author(s): R. Viswanatha, T.G. Venkatesh, C.C. Vidyasagar, Y. Arthoba Nayaka

A study on two potential BGA isolates Cylindrospermum majus and Nostoc muscorum of Assam, North-East India
Author(s): Ellora Malakar*, Rajiv Chandra Dev Goswami, M.C. Kalita

Inhibition by Newbouldia leavis Leaf Extract of the Corrosion of Aluminium in HCl and H2SO4 Solutions
Author(s): L. A. Nnanna, V. U. Obasi, O. C. Nwadiuko, K. I. Mejeh, N. D. Ekekwe, S. C. Udensi

Electrical properties of allyl thiourea doped KDP single crystals
Author(s): M. Ugine Prince, S. Perumal

The investigation of eighth grade students’ attitudes toward forest.
Author(s): Hasan Genç, Hilmi Demirkaya, Huriye Deniş

The Importance of schools’ sport promotinn in society
Author(s): Cemal GÜNDOĞDU, Galip YÜKSEL, A.Serdar YÜCEL, Masoud Imanzadeh, Hülya BİNGÖL

Photocycloaddition of khellin and oleic acid methyl ester
Author(s): Jawaid Iqbal, Anamika Gupta, Waseem Ahmad, Rehan Zaheer

Studies on Alternaria porri (Ellis) Ciferri pathogenic to Onion (Allium cepa L.)
Author(s): M. Madhavi, A. Kavitha , M. Vijayalakshmi

Adsorptive removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions and its kinetics study
Author(s): M. Souundarrajan,T. Gomathi, P.N.Sudha

Rapid gel synthesis and optical characterization of the Y2-xO3:xTb3+ nano phosphor
Author(s): Devender Singh, Ishwar Singh, Pratap Singh Kadyan, Subash Chand,Vijeta Tanwar, Sang Do Hana

Physical capability and general health and emotional intelligence
Author(s): Davood Hosseinzadeh, FatemehKarimi, Zahra Abdolvahabi

Evaluation and management of produced water from selected oil fields in Niger Delta, Nigeria
Author(s): Onojake, Mudiaga Chukunedum and Abanum, Uchenna Ijeoma

Comparative study of leadership styles among Iranian super-leagues coaches
Author(s): Zynolabedin Fallah, Hamid Janani, Amir Dana, Ahsan Fallah

Protection by garlic extract against lead induced tissue atrophy in albino rats

Determining the competencies of Sport Event's Managers

Cellulase Production by Bacillus subtilis isolated from Cow Dung
Author(s): Saraswati Bai, M. Ravi kumar, D.J. Mukesh kumar, P. Balashanmugam, M.D. Bala kumaran, P.T. Kalaichelvan

Growth and biomass production of lowland forest plantations in north of Iran
Author(s): Niloufar Haghdoost, Moslem AkbariniaÙ­, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini

New polyester polyol derived from recycled poly (ethylene terephthalate) for coating application
Author(s): A. S. Sabnis, V. G. Bhave, M. S. Kathalewar, S. Mare, P.P. Raut

Drinking water is still harmful of reopened Chamurchi tea garden; West Bengal, India
Author(s): Himangshu Shekhar Mandal, Amrita Das, Sukti Bose

One dimensional tellurium in electronic domain-Prognostication
Author(s): S. Alfred Cecil Raj, A. Sinthiya, N. Kavitha, M. Parameswari

Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) Technology
Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Karumuri, K.Girija Sravani, S. Durga Sailaja, J.Vijay Sekhar, Y.Srinivas, Ramendu Bhattacharjee

Preliminary phytochemical and mineral analyses of the root of Hippocratea welwitschii

Bacteriocin production by probiotic bacteria from curd and its field application to poultry
Author(s): V. Veera Jothi, K.T.K. Anandapandian, T. Shankar

Incidence and severity of powdery mildew fungi on some plants of Asteraceae and Rosaceae in Kashmir Himalayas
Author(s): Riyaz Ahmad Mir; Abdul Hamid Wani; Suhaib A. Bandh; Taskeen-un-Nisa, Shouket Ahmad Pala

A Comparative Study on General Health Status of Athlete and Nonathlete Students in Kerman University of Medical Sciences
Author(s): Mohammad Pourranjbar, Hosain Poursoltani, Mohammad Rasoul Khodadadi, Behrouz Ghorbanzadeh

Impedance analysis of bimetallic thiocyanate ligand based single crystals of MnHg(SCN)4 and CdHg(SCN)4
Author(s): R. Josephine Usha, J. Arul Martin Mani, V. Joseph

Biological effects of RF/ MW radiations on human
Author(s): Sridhar Pattanaik

A brief review: Microwave assisted organic reaction
Author(s): Madhvi A. Surati, Smita Jauhari, K. R. Desai

Anisotropic Mechanical Parameters; Microscopic, Thermal and XRD Studies of Ternary Eutectic Composite Phases Sn-Pb-Cd
Author(s): Arun K. Sharma, Parshotam Lal, B. K. Gandotra, R. Kant, B. L. Sharma

Spatial distribution of Geotrogus deserticola at Tissemessilt area in North of Algeria
Author(s): Fatma Zohra Milat-Bissaad, Farid Bounaceur, Hayet Cheriet, Meriem Chenna, Manel Abdelli, Karima Baba Aissa, Kamel Moussaoui, Nadjiba Chebouti, Faiza Hoceini

A study of thane cyclone and its impacts in Tamil Nadu, India using geographic information system
Author(s): J. Punithavathi, S. Tamilenthi, R. Baskaran